jSGF (Java Scrollable Game Framework)

jSGF is an attempt to create a framework for the development of side- and top-scrolling games. The idea is that once complete, with minimal effort a developer should be able to take a look at the source, reconfigure a few things, and have a different game to play.


GNU General Public License

The main goals of this project are:

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of configuration
  • Full-featured (ability to save & load games, configurable user-preferences, sound, etc.)
  • The ability to create (new) and play games easily
  • To have some fun in the process
  • Project Specification:

    Language:  Java

    jSGF aims to be a framework for side and top-scrolling games. The idea is that once complete, a developer should be able to create a new side/top-scrolling game with a small amount of effort. For example, if you want to create a plane shooting game, ideally all you should have to do is change a few variables in one file and specify where images and sounds are located, and it should run. Of course, different rulesets will need to be developed if the game plans to use something different. Basically, the developer should be able to edit the GUIUtil.java file (or better yet, have it read in a file based upon the game a user selects!) to point to all of his/her images and sounds, and the game should run.

    Design & Implementation specs are here.

    Project Status:


  • Animation
  • Combat/Rules system of some sort
  • ARTWORK! Doesn't have to be anything pretty at this point, just stuff to mess around with
  • Create a way to save and load games (this should probably wait until more has been done)
  • Sounds/Music (also should wait until more has been done for this)

  • 11/9/02

    Well, been a while since I've had time to work on the project. School does that to you I guess. :) Anyhow, I've made a few changes & fixes:

  • Fixed Runtime keybindings (For real this time!)
  • Reading & Writing of a preferences file now works (for keybindings anyway).
  • Made some small code clean-ups.

  • 9/9/02
  • jSGF v. 0.2 Released! Download here!
  • Some changes include working run-time keybindings, animations, and general bug fixes.
  • This is probably the last major update for a while as school has started and the schoolwork's already starting to pile up. :)

  • 9/2/02
  • Done moving. School starts tomorrow! I should have cable up by this friday so updates will be more frequent.
  • Some work done on getting run-time keybindings done... shouldn't be long before that works.

  • 8/18/02
  • Currently in the process of moving... not many updates this week.

  • 8/11/02
  • Basic animations now working.
  • Some work done on loading user config files.
  • Some minor bug fixes.

  • 8/4/02
  • More work with actions & threading.
  • Web page updates.
  • Created a flowchart to help explain the design.

  • 7/28/02
  • GUI is basically done, needs work with run-time configuration of keys, testing needed for different window managers.
  • Some threading work is done, though not much. At this point I'm thinking that every object that moves should run in it's own thread.
  • Character movement & 'action' keys work - still need the actions to *do* something, I am currently working on this.

  • Links:

    Sourceforge project page.

    If you want to help out, download the latest CVS, and send me an email. You can try the Nightly Tarball if you don't feel like using CVS.

    jSGF mailing list

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